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The European Baromedical College (EBC) in conjunction with European Baromedical Association (EBAss) have launched a European Hyperbaric accreditation scheme.
Initially this scheme will provide certification of hyperbaric personnel to two levels;

and will be proof that personnel who successfully complete the examinations have demonstrated competence in their chosen field. The examination of the candidate is in two steps;

The theory examination is based on multiple choice questions as recommended by EBC/EBAss. All questions will be at the required level for the qualification according to the EBAss resource manual. Before progressing to the practical examination, the candidate needs to achieve at least 70% for the theory examination.
The practical examination will involve a practical situation/problem that the candidate will be required to solve. The recommended situations are listed by EBAss.
Following successful completion of the above the candidate can apply for certification of the ECB/EBAss. Successful candidates will be able to use this certification to prove competence when applying for positions in hyperbaric treatment centres throughout Europe.

All theory examinations must be taken online. To access the online examinations you will need to submit a application to the Accreditation President. Once this has been reviewed your centre will be emailed an enrolment key so that you can take your chosen exam. Once you have your enrolment key you can go to the online examination website at: www.ebassexam.eu/vle create an account and sign up for your examination.

To help you prepare for the online examinations, the EBAss practice online test is available in 4 different languages, English, German, Italian and French.
At the end of the practice test there is a short survey which we would appreciate you taking the time to complete so you can provide us with your thoughts and feedback on the test.
We recommend you take the practice test so you know what to expect in the real online examination. Also it will raise any issues you may have with your computer while taking the examination. Most computers (Windows, Macintosh, Linux) capable of running a modern web browser (Internet Explorer 6, Firefox, Safari, Opera 9.5, Google Chrome or later) with Adobe Flash Player 7 or later will be able to access the online examination website. Please ensure your computer has a suitable version of the Adobe Flash player installed before attempting the examination. If necessary you can download the latest version of Adobe Flash from the Adobe website.